Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is an insular body of land. The largest freshwater system in the world defines its borders and seeps through its interior, isolating the peninsula. In November 2015 I moved there with the intention of photographing over a period of several years. Over time my practice began to articulate the environment’s effect on my state of mind and my mind’s effect on the environment.

My time there was guided by the ubiquitous presence of water. I photographed the effects of water on the peninsula and the wetlands, rivers, and lakes that cut through and enclose it. I became fixated on the idea of water as a body – dynamic and distinct from its surroundings yet completely tied into them. This is analogous to the way I understand myself in relation to my surroundings. Eyes Make the Horizon became a means to ask where I end and where the rest of the world begins.

2015 – 2018