Michael Zuhorski  

      An Apparition
      Eyes Make the Horizon


In November 2015 I moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an isolated region of the Northern Great Lakes. For three years I photographed the landscape, often returning to the same sites to photograph. In doing so I rarely photographed the same subject twice. Upon returning I often found that the slow dynamics of the environment subsumed previous objects of focus and that new subjects had emerged.

Water dominates the dynamics of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is ubiquitous. The region’s isolation is largely due to the looming presence of the Great Lakes. While photographing my attention was drawn to the amorphousness of water and its psychological evocativeness.

This body of work, entitled Eyes Make the Horizon, resulted from this. These photographs give shape and meaning to the aloneness I experienced working in the isolation of the Northern Great Lakes. They reflect the landscape’s effect upon my state of mind and my mind’s effect upon the landscape.

The weight of perception and memory upon my surroundings is made evident in these photographs. They embody my understanding of landscape as a process in which I participate.

2015 – 2018