The Stairwells

I was in Berlin for a winter and while there I photographed the interior of a building called Haubrok 12. I grew to know the marks on the walls by heart. The building’s interior consists largely of two open stairwells with windows facing east and west. Small dark halls connect them. I began by watching and photographing two walls, one in each stairwell. From there I turned to the sun along other walls and eventually looked to the floor. I photographed at night with the moon in the windows. I noticed gradual changes and the daily idiosyncrasies of light. I did this according to the ways I related to the space and the way the space presented itself on a particular time and day.

I watched the interior slowly change over time but I do not feel that I gradually came to know it more definitively. In studying how space, time, light, and my shifting consciousness affected one another, I came to feel the interior as a presence not reducible to architecture. As I moved through the space it was different each time. The walls are painted white and dull beige but they continually take new postures.