Michael Zuhorski

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     a kind of weather


    Precarity and Shore

    Heat River

    Eyes Make the Horizon







Precarity and Shore is a photographic study of the tide on two shorelines and a meditation on an impending flood. It was made on a narrow peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. Beside the peninsula is a bay where the tide rises up to nearly touch roads and homes.

I photographed both shores of the peninsula: a saltmarsh on the bay and a drainwater creek running into the ocean, from the same vantage points near dawn and at dusk each day of May 2022. In doing this I observed how shifts of the tide’s cycle met with weather and light as the sun shifted through the month. These patterns were further complicated by the ways my relation to the space shifted over time, affecting the shapes the shores took in these images.

In photographing the tide and the life around it, the tide became metanymous with future sea-level rise. It became impossible to study the tide without imagining water rising further to swallow the peninsula. In this sense, the images dwell both in the particularities of the shores each day, and in anxiety called up by the water.