Clark Hollow, November 14 
42°53'22.8"N 76°05'10.4"W

Dusk glow dimmed by low clouds
over the soft shoulder of Dodge Road
cold grass pressed to my tires
and winter-dead shrubs
shivering on the slope beside

Fabius, October 29 
42°50'17.4"N 75°55'22.0"W

Opposite the sun
the soft east sky
carried a faint powdery color –
the pink dusk halo called the Belt of Venus
wrapping the horizon in shallow breath 

Pompey Center Cemetery, October 17 
42°55'39.2"N 75°57'03.4"W

Dusk cold syrup thick
on a high hilltop 
under an unbothered sky, no clouds
no wind made air still as dead   

Dusk too dark to move through
thirty feet away Norway spruce needles
hang in dense masses
overlapping light-starved boughs 
like caves  

Dusk settling into night
Sunglow yawns away
laying the dark down thick

St. Mary’s Cemetery, October 23 
43°01'58.3"N 76°04'50.7"W

Gloaming dusk in treeless light
lying prone along the horizon
Grocery store parking lot glow visible
down in the valley opposite the sun
Heavy sun sunk well beneath the horizon
beneath cumulus hurried by a night wind
the temperature of bathwater
the temperature was forecast to rise overnight

Clark Hollow, November 19 
42°53'22.8"N 76°05'10.4"W

Sun dying behind the west slope of Clark Hollow
the west slope of Clark Hollow was
a black curtain of trees
Tired violet sky was dim

Shackham Road, near Labrador Hollow, November 4 
42°45'58.9"N 76°01'14.5"W

The sun left a dull steely yellow
residual glow above a ridgeline
looming where the sun receded
Below the glow, a low-volt electric fence
strung loose and close to the ground
horses stare from behind the fenceline
too dim to see their eyes

Long legs pace in lack of light
hooves hit black grass
Light licks only the ridges of their backs

Mabel Reynolds Preserve, Skaneateles, November 6 
42°52'10.5"N 76°27'24.6"W

Scary red sunset from an open grassy
mowed path between private properties
houses hidden in copses beside wire-fenced fields
Trespassing my feet over a low fence
I believed I was unwatched in the dim

Heel nearly tore as I stepped in a divot in the grass
dug by a wheel with deep treads
The light was so low
the ground appeared as a field of visual snow – 
low-light static I could not see well through

Rose Hill, November 7
42°52'30.3"N 76°20'52.0"W

Pink light carried by a paper-thin sheet of cloud 
lain over the whole sky

l could see through to the sky above the sheet
and I thought of seeing to the bottom of a cloudy pool
and how we say that light pools