Michael Zuhorski

    Brief Lives 

    Thought is
     a kind of weather


    Precarity and Shore

    Heat River

    Eyes Make the Horizon







Brief Lives came from time spent in fields and meadows near Syracuse and Ithaca, New York. In the years since moving to this area I have visited these open spaces at the beginnings and ends of days to photograph ephemera like morning dew and the intensity of reflected color at dusk.

This is a series in three sections, each focusing on a different family of objects. These are attempts to pare the world down to the subject/object encounter, to forefront bare particularity and difference.

Most of these images are long exposure photographs made in the dark at dusk; in them dim light is brightened, taking on tonal qualities and colors otherwise unseen. The subjects of some of these images were nearly too small to focus my camera on.

I feel my eyes intensely when photographing things too dark or too small to clearly see. I become grateful for what my eyes afford and conscious of their limitations. In making these images I address these limitations directly. It is often unclear what these images are of; they both show and conceal what they picture. Like looking into the dark, sight falls short.

Image 20, of a faint pink/beige field, was made in collaboration with Natalia Sarrazin Aguilar.

2020 – ongoing